Amanda J Lambert



For the last four years I have been developing my skills in abstract painting and drawing. I am drawn to abstraction as I feel it offers a freedom from the constraints of representation. It allows me to explore and experiment to a greater extent with less of an emphases on whether or not it is an accurate depiction of something external that I can physically see. For this reason I actually find abstraction more challenging as I have to look inward to bring out all of the memories, experiences and associations that I have learned and use them to form a cohesive image.
My paintings and drawings explore abstraction through a continuous process of experimentation and intuitive mark making. My process begins with intuitive, automatic drawings on scrap bits of paper so that I don’t place too much importance on them. These form the basis from which my work stems. I then isolate areas of interest and start to refine the images, bringing in more intentional compositional elements and coherence, continually exploring the potential for mark making and paint handling in order to create emotive, often large-scale paintings.
While developing a painting I work very quickly, making instant decisions so I find acrylic paints to be best suited to my practice. For this reason, as well as it's flexibility as a medium, the vast array of vivid colours available, and the lightfast qualities preventing fading over time I work almost solely in acrylic.
 Within my work I wish to convey a sense of playfulness, vitality and movement. I want the finished image to jump out at the viewer , almost like an explosion of colours, marks and shapes as if they have a life of their own. Creating a balance of compositional elements such as line, form, direction and especially depth  has been an important factor in creating this effect as well as continuous experimentation with colour contrasts and harmonies.

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